The Cumming Nature Center is a little oasis about an hour south of Rochester. With miles of quiet trails through swamplands and towering pine trees, it’s a great place to talk about citizen science.

So what exactly does that term mean?

Nathan Hayes, the director of the nature center, says its the “crowdsourcing of scientific information. Multiple people all over the place putting the puzzle pieces together to get the picture.”

There is so much information to collect, Hayes says, that scientists alone can’t do it all. That’s where the rest of us can help. He says people can get involved and collect valuable information wherever they may be.

“We can study -- we should study -- these woods, and not worry about the Amazon. I mean, worry about the Amazon, but you don’t have to go away to contribute to important scientific base of knowledge, you can do it in your backyard.”

Why yes, that was the Goodyear Blimp you saw in the sky Sunday. It was because Monro Muffler Brake used it to promote a rebranding of its stores that starts this fall.

Also in this report, it looks like job growth remains strong for the region, and Southwest Airlines is adding a flight from Rochester to Ft. Myers, Florida.

Shares of Tesla lost approximately nine percent of their value Friday, as the high-tech company moves forward amid concerns including a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, comments made by founder Elon Musk and a report that Tesla may not, after all, purchase all the output from the Buffalo-based factory it now shares with Panasonic.

The Goodyear Blimp hovered over Rochester skies on Sunday, as part of an effort to bring attention to the rebranding and re-imaging of Monro Muffler Brake & Service and Mr. Tire stores nationwide.

The Rochester-based chain says that the local stores will be the focus of a pilot rollout in October, a total of 21 Monro and 10 Mr. Tire service centers. Nationally, there are 498 Monro and 317 Mr. Tire locations.

Alfred University has named a new Dean for its Inamori School of Engineering.  And the person filling that role has ties to Alfred and the Rochester area.

Gabrielle Gaustad is a former undergrad at Alfred who graduated in 2004 with a degree in ceramic engineering.

For the last 10 years she was at RIT, where she was an associate professor and Master of Science program coordinator at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability.

Gaustad says one goal of hers throughout her career has been to be a mentor for women in engineering and STEM-related fields.

Xerox says a number of employees including some in Webster were notified Thursday that they are being laid off.

The company says the notices went out to some employees in Webster, Canada and throughout the U.S.

No specific numbers were released, but the layoffs in New York State were below threshold levels required by the labor department when those numbers must be reported.

More than 200 people who live near the High Acres Landfill are suing the owner of that facility, Waste Management because of  what they say are ongoing noise and odor problems.

That landfill straddles parts of both Perinton and Macedon, and a neighborhood group called, Fresh Air for the Eastside, along with the 215 or so people filing the suit, want Waste Management to close two sections of the landfill that the residents feel are part of the problem.

Constellation Brands is upping its investment into Canada’s top cannabis producer in a big way. The   

Victor-based company announced on Wednesday that it will invest another $4 billion in Canopy Growth Corporation.

The deal follows the initial investment Constellation made last year when it acquired about a 10% stake in Canopy. Now, Constellation will own 38% of the company.

As part of the proposed deal, Constellation will nominate four directors to Canopy Growth’s 7-member board.

Greenlight Networks is expanding on the west side of Monroe County, adding Greece to the areas it services.

Greenlight is currently taking orders for the town's 50 new Greenlight districts, and President and CEO Mark Murphy says they’ve already seen tremendous activity on their site since the announcement was made.

For people who make too much money to qualify for health insurance subsidies on the individual market, there may be no Goldilocks moment when shopping for a plan. No choice is just right.

A policy with an affordable premium may come with a deductible that's too high. If the copayments for physician visits are reasonable, the plan may not include their preferred doctors.

These consumers need better options, and in early August federal officials offered a strategy to help bring down costs for them.


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