In the latest Business Report, dive into a new Paychex survey that reveals wages across the nation aren't increasing that much. Plus, details on Conduent selling off one of its businesses, and a rail car manufacturer in the southern tier is getting a grant to help expand.

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The economy continued to add jobs at a steady pace last month, and the unemployment rate remained low. Analysts have been looking for signs that wage growth might pick up, but it held steady, too.

Payrolls grew by a lower-than-expected 157,000 in July, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.9 percent, as projected, the Labor Department said Friday.

Farmers face a growing dilemma. Specifically, a food-growing dilemma.

How do you feed an increasing number of people without harming the environment?

As it turns out, growing as much food as possible in a small area may be our best bet for sustainably feeding the world's population, according to new research.

It all comes down to how we manage greenhouse gases and climate change.

A basic tenet of economics is that when demand for something goes up, so does its cost. So, many economists wonder why today's high demand for workers hasn't translated into bigger increases in pay.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has called this a puzzle that defies a single or easy explanation. It isn't just, for example, that productivity has slowed, making it harder for businesses to justify paying more — though that is certainly a factor.

The first phase of Roc the Riverway kicked off Wednesday with a breakdown of the first 13 projects getting state funding.

Mayor Lovely Warren was joined by Governor Andrew Cuomo to unveil phase one of the program. She said this project will bring the community together around the power of the Genesee.

"To rebuild, to reinvest and to reignite our river way. So that our child, my children, will say that when help came, we accepted. When we needed to Roc The Riverway, we did."

After an uproar from a number of businesses and other organizations who have operations in downtown Rochester, the city is changing a plan that increased the time that metered parking was in effect.

In an effort to balance the new city budget, which began in July, the hours for weekday parking at the kiosks and meters was extended from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A western New York woman filed suit against Canada Dry over what she said is false advertising for the company’s ginger ales.

Julie Fletcher, of Bolivar in Allegany County, said she relied on Canada Dry’s claims that it was “made from real ginger” to signify its health benefits.

Fletcher said in a court filing that she knew that ginger root could “calm an upset stomach, and she often purchased Canada Dry for her children [when they] were sick, believing that the ginger root in the beverage would soothe their stomach aches.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is enjoying solid support from the leaders of most of the major unions in New York as he runs for a third term in office. But Cuomo’s relationship with organized labor was not always so sunny.

Cuomo’s frequent appearances with union leaders in recent months have included lavish praise on both sides.

Mario Cilento, head of the state’s AFL-CIO, which has 2.5 million members, spoke at an event with Cuomo in the spring.

Business owners are optimistic about growth! You'll get the details from the new surveys by M&T Bank and Paychex.

Also, you may not need to make a Target run, because they're launching an online delivery service. -Another online delivery service coming to the Rochester area, this one focusing on Target customers

Plus, we gear you up for a significant Xerox shareholders meeting, especially after the company went through major management changes this past spring.

A relative shortage of homes for sale in the Rochester region has caused some prospective home buyers to put their search on hold.  Others find luck with persistence, though they sometimes get engaged in bidding wars and pay more than the asking price.


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