Caitlin Whyte

Caitlin joins WXXI after working down the street at Stephens Media Group where, she co hosted a children's radio show, "Saturday Morning CarTunes" on WARM 101.3 and worked as a traffic reporter for various affiliates.

Prior to that, she lived in Western Alaska where she worked for KNOM in Nome.  When she was not engrossed in all things Iditarod, Caitlin served as the community and education spot producer and hosted the weekday morning program.

Originally from Rochester, Caitlin graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh with a B.S in Audio/Radio Production and Broadcast Management. She is excited to make the jump to public radio and host Weekend Edition.


Love Beets is expanding their operations at Eastman Business Park.

Managing Director Daniel Cross said over the next 26 months they will be creating 100 new jobs in middle and high skill level fields.

"Engineering, mechanics but also going back into our supply chain in terms of our bet growing. So looking at trainings skills in agronomy, potentially the use of technology and how we're farming and working with growers."

Other jobs will include exploring the use of drones and digital technology for mapping fields as well as calculating crop yield and output.

After a battle for lower assessments on two of his own properties, Tom Golisano is setting out to help Upstate New York homeowners fight for fair property taxes.

The local philanthropist and businessman says the process is flawed in many ways. Homeowners have the burden of proving their homes are assessed correctly, and can only vote in the municipalities where their primary residence is.

Some top Apple investors are calling on the company to take more action in protecting children from the risks of digital addiction.

Together, the California's teacher pension fund and Jana Partners investment group own about $2 million in Apple stock. They say Apple should have more setting options to regulate how children interact with their devices.

Michael Scharf is the Chief of Child and Adolescent psychiatry at University of Rochester Medical Center.

He said both companies and parents should be monitoring children’s smartphone and social media use.

A coalition of area labor leaders and restaurant workers will be holding a press conference Monday to denounce the proposed federal regulation allowing employers to control workers' tips.

Zakary Skinner is a local restaurant worker said the issue isn’t with pooled tipping, which he believes isn’t necessarily a bad practice; its the idea that tips would be distributed at an owners discretion.

"Right now there is at least some process where we have control over those tips so we have a right to those tips. And this will kind of put it up to the employers."

The Special Committee of the University of Rochester Board of Trustees announced Wednesday that their investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against professor Florian Jaeger won't be complete until Early January.

The report was originally supposed to be completed by the end of this year.

The Special Committee said it has been advised by Mary Jo White, the former US attorney commissioned to conduct the investigation about the delay, and that she and her team say the will issue their report no later than January 12th.