Beep baseball ensures visually impaired folks are part of America's Pastime

Aug 4, 2015


For blind and visually impaired lovers of baseball – playing the game was an impossibility more than 50 years ago. But in 1964 that changed. A baseball was invented that made a beeping sound. And with it a new sport was eventually born. Beep Baseball is an adaptation of classic American baseball, played with a pitcher, catcher, batters, and fielders.

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As the name suggests, the ball beeps as its tossed over the plate and hit into the field, and the game has several other tweaks to make it possible for people who are visually impaired to play. The 39th annual World Series of Beep Baseball was held for the first time in Rochester the week of July 26th. And as Need to Know’s Veronica Volk reports, the newly-formed home team has been practicing for months to prepare.