Hundreds of professors sign letter saying they will advise students not to study or work at UR

Nov 15, 2017
Originally published on January 10, 2018 3:09 pm

An open letter has been signed by a number of professors outside the University of Rochester condemning the administration for its response to allegations of sexual harassment.

Over 200 professors from universities and colleges both in the United States and abroad have signed a letter to the UR board of trustees saying, "In the present circumstances, they cannot in good conscience encourage students to pursue educational or employment opportunities at the University of Rochester." 

Those who have signed say as faculty members they know they hold substantial power and sway over those students who learn from them, work for them, and seek their counsel and advice and, "It is imperative that professors fully acknowledge and respect this imbalance of power."

The letter goes on to say they are disappointed with the UR administrations response to the allegations of misconduct by professor Florian Jaeger and ask the board to think "broadly and deeply about the kinds of changes they are committed to making."

Spokesperson for the University of Rochester Sara Miller sent WXXI News a statement in response to the letter saying:

"The University has taken this matter very seriously since it was brought to our attention. In addition to conducting our own thorough investigation, we have taken several steps to review the University’s approach to sexual misconduct. We are awaiting the report of an independent investigation into both the specific allegations and the University’s policies and procedures. We have also established a faculty- and student-led Commission on Women and Gender in Academia to examine campus climate. We are committed to making this campus one that is welcoming and safe for all."