Kodak Alaris looks at possible sale of its assets

Feb 5, 2019
Originally published on February 5, 2019 3:54 pm

The long-term future of Kodak Alaris is somewhat up in the air, according to a story in a trade publication and comments from the company itself.

The story in the Australian publication, Inside Imaging, notes that the company, which was spun off from Eastman Kodak several years ago, might be split up and sold.

Kodak Alaris helps market Kodak film and other photography products. The Inside Imaging story says that Kodak Alaris is actively marketing the PPF, or paper, photochemicals and film unit, and management expects to complete a sale of that business before the end of March.

A statement from Kodak Alaris Chairman Mark Elliott in an annual report says that the potential sale of parts of the company's portfolio is not a reflection of the financial strength or viability of Kodak Alaris, but rather reflects the long-term challenges for its sole shareholder, a UK-based pension fund. 

Kodak Alaris provided this statement on Tuesday to WXXI News:

Kodak Alaris is trading well and remains focused on delivering for our customers, suppliers, distributors, and other important constituents. As previously communicated in our annual report, our trustees asked Kodak Alaris to explore potential opportunities to sell some or all of our businesses if an attractive arrangement can be made. This process is longer-term and doesn’t change our current business operations or mission.