Longtime local sportswear company Alleson Athletic is being acquired

Nov 6, 2017
Originally published on November 6, 2017 3:49 pm

A longtime locally based sportswear company is being acquired.

Alleson  Athletic, which began in Rochester in 1933, and has been family owned ever since, is being bought by North Carolina based Badger Sportswear.

Todd Levine, the CEO and President of Alleson is the great-grandson of Abe Levine, the founder of the company.  He says Badger focuses on clothing purchased by sports fans and workout apparel, and Alleson is a leader in team uniforms, so the two companies complement each other.

“When changes happens, it creates opportunity and so, by putting these two companies together with such common characteristics and strengths, it creates a real opportunity for us to grow the business,” Levine told WXXI News.

Levine says Alleson will continue to be based in Rochester, where about 200 people work. Alleson employs around 1,300 worldwide.

Levine says the acquisition will not cause layoffs locally and in fact he hopes it leads to expansion down town road. 

“This is a growth story, this is about investing in the business to create opportunities and we have great people that work at Alleson and we look forward to a long track record of just growing and getting stronger and being in Rochester.”

Badger Sportswear is owned by the private equity company CCMP Capital.