As negotiations continue, Jordan Health employees plan a 3 day walk out

Jun 5, 2018
Originally published on June 5, 2018 1:36 am

A battle over contract negotiations continues at Jordan Health.

Janice Harbin, CEO of the health center says she is saddened and disappointed at how negotiations with 1199SEIU have turned, and believes that what they have offered is fair.

"I have been in community health for 30 years and there’s no game in healthcare. It’s serious and I think we are beginning to feel bullied by this massive organization."

She says she is committed to remain fiscally responsible to ensure the health and longevity of Jordan Health and the community they serve.

68 union workers unanimously accepted a federal mediator’s settlement proposal, but Harbin says Jordan Health has not agreed to it.

Harbin says everyone loses in this situation, and that the union has rejected their offers, including a wage increase over 3 years. The discrepancy is that the union wants an extra one percent increase in that last year.

All 68 union employees have planned a 3 day walk out starting Tuesday June 5th, and Harbin says when that happens, Jordan Health will continue to be fully staffed and focused.

"Our patients will be received as they are every single day. The schedule plus the walk ins we will accommodate. They will receive the same quality, uninterrupted care as they do every day."

Harbin says Jordan is also committed to maintaining the workers’ healthcare benefits regardless of cost.

Bruce Popper is the Regional Vice President of 1199SEIU and says they do not understand why Jordan has not agreed to the mediator’s proposal. Popper says the 1% wage increase in the last months of 2020 would balance the wage freeze that the center has instilled this year.

"I’m totally at a loss to explain why the center is not making a good business decision and a responsible financial decision and why they are not agreeing to a proposal by a federal mediator when their employees have done so."