Semi-conductor jobs coming to Rochester: Cuomo

Jul 16, 2014


Governor Cuomo at Canal Ponds Business Park, Greece, New York on Wednesday.
Credit Randy Gorbman/WXXI

Governor Cuomo came to the Canal Ponds business park in Greece Wednesday to announce that 500 high tech jobs will be coming to Rochester.

He says a semi-conductor manufacturing facility is being established at the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering facility in Greece.

A consortium of companies  called Sematech is establishing the facility. Cuomo says it's good to see this kind of high tech work coming to Rochester.

"Rochester has been a home of so much innovation, so much great engineering, so much great research, so many great scientists so it really is coming home to the truest form that made Rochester in the first place.”

The new jobs are expected to be in place by next summer. Cuomo and SUNY officials believe there will be a spinoff effect, and say that should create more jobs needed through related services.