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Standing in a Syracuse union hall that will close later this year, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced support Monday for a bill that would allow the U.S. government to slap tariffs on foreign-made auto parts.

United Auto Workers Local 624 and 2149 once supported about 4,000 workers at nearby New Process Gear. The factory, which makes parts for SUVs, is also slated to shut down later this year.

Union leaders say Gillibrand's efforts may be too late for New Process Gear, but they could help other plants in upstate New York.

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The month of March is around the corner, and in the minds of auto dealers, it not only brings warmer temperatures, but also customers back to their lots.

And after a few years of hard times and sluggish sales, they’re more optimistic going into their busy selling season.

“The spring season is one of our best parts of the year for selling vehicles. And I think this year we have something to look forward to,” East Syracuse Chevrolet salesman Perry Richardson said at this past weekend’s Syracuse Auto Show. He’s worked the show for two-decades.

General Motors is doing a big promotional push around the Chevy Volt during the Rochester Auto Show. Here's a tour of the car, with GM's Gary Stottler, produced by the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward.

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Many of us make calls, sip coffee, catch ourselves dozing off, or sneak a peek at the newspaper while driving.  But what if technology allowed us to pursue these activities without risking life and limb? Scientists at Yale University and New York University are working on a supercomputer that could eventually lead to driverless cars. The device will have the ability to navigate through traffic, and avoid objects in the road.