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For more than 10 years, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation and IBM have been working to clean up chemical spills in the groundwater under Endicott. They’ve made progress on the part of the spill known as the “toxic plume.” According to a recent report issued by the DEC, 80 percent of the spill under homes south of the old IBM campus has been cleaned up.

Matt Richmond/WSKG News

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has been working with IBM to clean up a chemical spill in Endicott for years now. At a public meeting last night, officials from the DEC gave an update on one of the contaminated areas identified for cleanup.

For details on this long saga, which may be nearing an end, WSKG’s Managing Editor Bret Jaspers spoke with reporter Matt Richmond. 

In a court filing on Monday, Endicott Interconnect Technologies revealed that one of its shareholders has entered a bid to buy it. The details were contained in the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Integrian Holdings, an LLC owned by James T. Matthews, has made a $250,000 offer to buy Endicott Interconnect. Matthews is a minority shareholder in Endicott Interconnect, which is wholly owned by members of his family.

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The Greater Binghamton Business Journal had an update last week (that's just as quickly gone behind a paywall) on a $1.5 million contract awarded to ENSCO, a military contractor in Endicott.

The contract itself is small potatoes, according to the Business Journal's report, estimated to create about two jobs and retain four, for a company with 225 employees. But the grant will help fund the company's in-depth exploration of high-tech visualization tools for military use.

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Yesterday evening, All Things Considered aired a driveway moment-worthy story, profiling one of upstate New York's early welfare capitalists. George F. Johnson earned that title by offering Endicott-Johnson shoe manufacturer workers generous benefits, including subsidized housing and free shoes.