The Washington Department of Ecology issued a $444,000 fine Thursday to Total Reclaim, the state’s largest electronic waste recycler.    

What does net metering decision in Pennsylvania mean for solar business ?

Mar 1, 2016
Matt Rourke / AP

It's called "net metering." That's when homeowners who put solar panels on their rooftops can sell extra energy they don't use back to utilities.

It’s considered a huge selling point for new solar installations. But across the country, utilities have been fighting to limit or dismantle state net metering laws.

Karen DeWitt

High schoolers in Hoosick Falls say they are tired of the slow response by the adults in the community and government to a toxic substance that has infiltrated the village water system and made it unsafe to drink.

They held a news conference Friday calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo personally to act.

“The adults have done a lot of talking,” said Anna Wysocki, senior class historian. “Now it’s our turn.”

Where apples once grew, contaminated soil lingers

Feb 8, 2016
Tony Schick/OPB/EarthFix

YAKIMA, Wash. -- At homes and day care centers throughout central Washington, children play in yards contaminated with lead and arsenic.

The state’s Department of Ecology knows about this, and has for decades.

But many parents and caregivers still do not, despite the risks these chemicals pose specifically to children.

Until the 1950s, Northwest apple growers spent decades spraying lead arsenate pesticides in a never-ceasing battle against the codling moth, which once threatened to derail the country’s most productive tree fruit region.

NYS takes action involving water contamination in Hoosick Falls

Jan 28, 2016

ALBANY — State officials are declaring a site in a Rensselaer County village a state Superfund site to address water contamination from a chemical used in making plastics similar to Teflon.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in December warned residents of Hoosick Falls not to drink or cook with water from municipal wells after tests found contamination with PFOA, a chemical linked to cancer. The chemical was used in making high-performance plastics similar to Teflon until manufacturers agreed to phase it out by the end of 2015.