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Governor Cuomo awarded over three quarters of a billion dollars for economic development projects at a ceremony at the State Capitol. While every region in the state got something to go towards key projects, some regions got more than others.

The award ceremony, hosted by CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, featured slick videos from each region and plenty of praise for Governor Cuomo and congratulations to the Regional economic development councils.

Winners and Losers: REDC funding totals $738 million

Dec 19, 2012

A highly packaged awards event in Albany was the forum for allocating a range of funding to support economic development across New York state on Wednesday. A total of $738 million was distributed in the second-year of this competitive planning process driven by Governor Cuomo.

In comments prefacing the award announcements themselves, speeches long on rhetoric and praise for what presenter Maria Bartiromo called "Governor Cuomo's Economic Development Councils..." also emphasized the regionalization of the state's economies.

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Good Morning and welcome to a mid-week Innovation Trail Mix from your upstate reporting team.

The Cuomo administration is continuing to do its incremental policy development on frackingĀ and it's not a united front on the subject amongst elected officials on the Southern Tier.

Middle-skill jobs grew slowly across the nation last year, except in upstate New York.

The sun still came up, despite the fact that the Farm Bill expired on the weekend.

A new study confirms the old friendship between immigration and innovation.

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Governor Cuomo is at the SUNY Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse this morning as part of his assessment of the progress of the Regional Economic Development Councils. The Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney will report later today.

NATIONAL manufacturing was up above the 50 point break-even level in September. NY activity bucked the trend.

The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York are giving Governor Cuomo grief over the further-delayed fracking decision.