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Water department crews have spent a lot more time this winter digging into frozen ground, shoveling asphalt and sifting through mud to find holes in Syracuse’s plumbing as an unusually high number of water main breaks is putting a strain on city resources.

Since the beginning of the year, the city’s century-old water system has sprung more than a hundred leaks. That’s more than two a day that city works crews have had to patch and twice the number the city normally deals with.

Destiny USA

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says giving the Destiny USA entertainment and shopping center a tax break to build a hotel would be “a mistake,” but the mayor actually has little say over those incentives.

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More than a quarter of all property in New York state is off the tax rolls, according to figures compiled by the state comptroller, who said it's a burden on local finances.

The 27 percent of un-taxed land in the state adds up to $680 billion in property value not being collected on, which is mostly concentrated in urban areas. The city with the most property off-limits is Rensselaer, with 65 percent.

City of Syracuse

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signaled he will join the discussion between the mayors of upstate New York's biggest cities on how to deal with their looming fiscal struggles.

It's a decision that has Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner encouraged. Miner has been the most outspoken critic of Cuomo's plan so far for dealing with those financial issues.

In an interview with public radio's The Capitol Pressroom on Friday, Cuomo said the cities have an imbalance between the size of government and their shrinking tax base.

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The Brookings Institution announced Tuesday it will help the central New York region write business and export plans.

The goal: get everyone on the same page and produce a plan that actually gets executed - not just fill up a binder to throw on the bookshelf.