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Examples of Innovation Trail Content

Below are several examples of Innovation Trail content.

The following video aired statewide on New York NOW.  It was produced by Dan Bazile.

Audio slideshow
The following audio slideshow was embedded on InnovationTrail.org and distributed via Facebook and Twitter.  It was produced by Ryan Morden.


Spot report
The following report is a spot report that aired on WNED and was distributed to the other Innovation Trail stations, by Daniel Robison.  It was also posted on WNED.org and attached the the blog version of this story.


Feature report
The following is a feature report by Zack Seward that aired on WXXI, WNED, WRVO and WSKG as part of the "Reinventing the Windmill" series.  It was also posted on WXXI.org and attached to the blog version of this story.


Blog post
You can see an example of the Innovation Trail's live blogging here, conducted by Emma Jacobs.  You can see examples of Jacobs using the blog to cover breaking news here and here and here.