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Best (costume) of the week, 10/25-10/29

Flip through the images in the slideshow above to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes at the Innovation Trail on Halloween!

For those of you who are new to the site, the Innovation Trail is a collaboration among five different upstate NPRand PBSstations.  WXXIin Rochester is the lead station, and WNED in Buffalo, WRVOin Syracuse, WSKG in Binghamton, and WMHTin Albany round out your trail guides.

The reporters you hear and see on air - Dan Bazile at WMHT, Emma Jacobs at WSKG, Ryan Morden at WRVO, Zack Seward at WXXI, and Daniel Robison at WNED - are just one part of the team that brings you the Innovation Trail.  

Because our initial funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting sunsets in less than two years, we've got a whole crew of development, fundraising, and promotion professionals at each of the stations, working to make our in-depth and collaborative reporting sustainable.  

The two you see above are in underwriting at WXXI.  The Innovation Trail couldn't be more flattered by their choice of costume!

While we've got you here, check out some of the great work our reporters have done this week.

Emma Jacobs brought us a ghost story, just in time for Halloween.  You can hear about the ghost of former Binghamton mayor Sherman David Phelps here, and read about him here.  Emma also filed the first feature for a national show from the Innovation Trail this week, with her story about business incubators, which aired on Morning Edition.

Zack Seward spent the week trying to mount lasers on his team of trained sharks.  But when that didn't work out, he reported two stories out of the Laser Science XXVI and Frontiers in Optics 2010 conferences in Rochester this week, as they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the laser.  How do you celebrate the laser?  With a clam bakeand a laser maze, apparently.

Dan Bazile brought us the story of how economic development might rise from the ashes of a burned-down building.  Watch out for his first radio feature about that story, later today.  Dan also tracked down some of the biggest disappointments for the business lobby this legislative season.

Daniel Robison had two big stories this week, reporting on Verizon's big get from the state power authority.  The phone firm is thinking about opening a data center in western New York, so as an enticement, the state is giving Verizon 25 megawatts of low-cost power.  Daniel also pointed out that the University at Buffalo's big announcement about receiving $4 million from the federal government to buy a cyclotron is really just a promise - not a done deal.

And Ryan Morden reached into the distant past to chat with a professor who taught Androidinventor Andy Rubin computer science at Utica College.

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