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Best of the week, 12/6-12/10

Cozy up, we've got plenty of news to keep you warm!
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Cozy up, we've got plenty of news to keep you warm!

It's been a chilly, snowy week across the Innovation Trail, but your trusty trail guides are keeping warm by hustling to bring you excellent reporting about technology, innovation and the economy in New York.

WSKG's Emma Jacobs wrapped up her series of youth radio stories this week, bringing us student voices from Binghamton.  The series was part of an essay contest about sustainability, hosted by WSKG.  Kristen Mogenson brought us a story about obesity, Tiahna Banks shared the story of her grandfather's small role in keeping manufacturing in the United States, and Christine Dodd talked about the importance of "buying local."   Check out the series to hear the next generation of radio reporters, today!

If youth radio reporters are the future, the Paterson administration is the (quickly approaching) past.  WMHT's Dan Bazile gave us a look at what the administration is hoping the governor's legacy will be.  You can see the full version of his report on New York NOW on television tonight - it should be onlineMonday morning.

Legacy is also on the minds of the folks at Kodak, who opened their new Innovation and Materials Science Institute this week, to help start-ups bring their ideas to market and to boost their reputation as innovators in the industry. WXXI's Zack Seward has the details about the institute, and I shared the results of a panel discussion about the challenges that innovators in materials science face.

WRVO's Ryan Morden has spent the week looking at a different kind of legacy - a toxic one.  He's covering GM's federally mandated clean-up at its Massena plant in the North Country.  Look out for a piece from him in the near future detailing the cost and effort required to flip the property.

And finally, WNED's Daniel Robison looked intoNew York's newHEALTHeLINK database.  It promises to revolutionize the way doctors track and share information - if its developers can find a way to fund it.

Other items of note this week: initial results about the economic impact of hydrofracking in New York State are starting to trickle out, Emma's got the details.  And Zack completed the second in our "ask a trail guide" series, tracking down how much coal Kodak burns.  

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