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Roof collapse, potential layoffs, tax breaks and a cycling first lady

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Amherst-based company Birdair built (and is now trying to fix) the Metrodome's roof that collapsed under the weight of 17 inches of Minneapolis snow.

Yahoo Layoffs

Will Yahoo’s announced layoffs of 650-700 workers affect employees at its new data center in Lockport? We don’t know yet, but the pink slips start flying today and continue for the next week or so.

The Internet giant created 100-125 jobs locally when its data center went up in a 13-month flurry of construction and tax breaks (that saved the company tens of millions of dollars).

Metrodome roof collapses and there’s a local connection

And now in sports…

The inflatable roof of the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium in Minneapolis collapsed last weekend after a heavy snowstorm. Birdair, an Amherst (suburb of Buffalo) business, built the 1/16th inch thick roof in 1981. Representatives from the company flew out to Minneapolis to help fix tears in the roof.  This is the fourth time the stadium’s roof has plunged due to snow.

The video of the collapse is worth the few seconds it takes to watch it. Snow is all over the field. Sorry about the ad.

I guess Birdair needs to “raise the roof.”

Lackawanna business granted tax breaks for expansion

Baker Victory Services, which offers behavioral health care services in Lackawanna, will soon invest in some new digs with some help from taxpayers.

[The company] is planning a$ 15.4 million project to build a new residential treatment facility that will consolidate services now offered in three separate structures on its Lackawanna complex. The project is in line to receive tax-exempt financing through the Buffalo & Erie County Industrial Land Development Corp., which approved the plan Monday.


New York’s outgoing First Lady Michelle Paterson is the subject of a delightful New York Times profile. We hardly knew ye! And get this, she bikes to work four times a week. Story opportunity missed. Since Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is not married, then shall we agree she retains the title in spirit? 

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