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Best of 2010

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Ring in 2011 with the Innovation Trail!

This year was a big one for the Innovation Trail - it was our first!  Our CPB-funded collaboration kicked off over the summer with our partners WMHT in Albany, WSKG in Binghamton, WRVO in Oswego, WXXI in Rochester, and WNED in Buffalo.  

We've spent the past six months exploring how New York is turning to the innovation economy to revitalize itself.  We also hosted talk shows, introduced our "Ask a Trail Guide" feature, and ran an extensive series about wind power.  

Here's a round-up of some of our most popular work this year:

Big events were popular on InnovationTrail.org.  Our most visited single post was Emma Jacobs' live blog of the EPA's hearing about hydrofracking in Binghamton.  Lots of readers checked out our election night data, in which we tested a new way of instantly reporting results with the help of our friends over at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  And our Innovation Conversation "Reinventing the Windmill"  got a lot of traction from visitors.

Readers also dug Zack Seward's video about vermiculture (that's using worms to make compost for those of you playing along at home) - it was our second most viewed post this year.  And lots of folks checked out  Dan Bazile's look at attempts by ski resorts to use renewable energy to power their snowmaking operations.

Here's the rest of our top ten this year:

The top topics on InnovationTrail.org this year were our pages aggregating our energy stories, our technology stories, our wind power storiesstories about jobs, and our stories about health.

What would you like to see from the Innovation Trail as we go into 2011?  Let us know in the comments (login using Twitter or Facebook)!  And while you're at it, subscribe to the Innovation Trail's RSS feed, so you never miss a beat!

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