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EPA links hydrofracking to pollution in Wyoming

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Today in your trail mix:

The feds find a link between contaminated water supplies and hydrofracking operations in one town in Wyoming.

The regional economic councils find out who gets the biggest slice of the pie.

Plus, Cuomo's push for tax code overhaul called "Spitzeresque" by at least one Republican assemblyman.


The quick passage of Governor Cuomo's tax code bill this weeks seems to have included late night threats to campaign in the district of any Republican who voted against the bill, and what one Republican assemblyman called a "stealth attack on democracy." (Jimmy Vielkind, Albany Times-Union)

The results are in and the big winners among the regional economic development councils in New York are Western New York, Central New York, North Country and Long Island. (Marie Cusick, Innovation Trail)


The Environmental Protection Agency released draft findings of a three-year study on water supplies in Pavillion, Wyoming. The preliminary findings are that hydrofracking is the likely source of benzene, alcohol and other contaminants in local water supplies. The study pointed out that drilling in Pavillion occurs closer to the water supply than in most places. (EPA)

The Delaware River Basin Commission will not permit water withdrawals in New York until after the state's environmental regulators finish with their hydrofracking review. Exxon subsidiary XTO Energy had requested a permit from the commission to remove 250,000 gallons of water a day from a stream in Broome County. (AP)

Exxon predicts that hybrids will make up half of all vehicles by 2040 and that energy demand in the developed world will not increase between now and 2040. (AP)


Medical device maker to close plants in Orchard Park and West Seneca, costing 160 jobs. (Matt Glynn, Buffalo News)

So, are the rich getting a tax hike or a tax cut in Cuomo's new tax code? Depends on how you look at it. (Cara Matthews, Gannett)

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