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Jobs growth stalls in March

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Analysts had expected another strong month of job growth in March, but the 120,000 jobs created were the least in five months.

Here is your Morning Trail Mix:

The U.S. added 120,000 jobs in March, the least in five months.

New York's 95 delegates are up for grabs in the Republican primary - and the party's new rules mean the candidates are likely to fight for them.

Duffy visits Rochester, hinting that city officials might want to lobby for a new casino.

And Kodak is looking to unload its Times Square billboard.


New York's presidential primary is on the 24th, and while Mitt Romney has a 30-point lead in the polls and Pennsylvania is considered the real prize on that day, New York isn't a winner-take-all state. That means Romney's challengers may still campaign here (Thomas Kaplan, New York Times).

A main character of a new TV show is based on a crisis consultant that tried to get David Paterson out of trouble while he was governor (Azi Paybarah, Capital New York).


The unemployment rate fell to 8.2 percent in March, but the new jobs number was less than predicted (Timothy R. Homan, Bloomberg Businessweek).

President Obama signed into law a new bill that allows more people to invest in startups (Mark Landler, New York Times).

Elmira is struggling with a deficit in its schools budget and is considering taxing out-of-town gas industry workers (Roger Neumann, Star-Gazette).

Lockheed Martin announced a "voluntary" layoff program and workers at its Owego plant could be affected (Ed Christine, Press-Sun Bulletin).


Bankrupt Kodak continues to shed fat. The company is now getting rid of its Times Square billboard (Wall Street Journal). Maybe that'll help pay for $13.5 million in bonuses (Matthew Daneman, Democrat and Chronicle).

In a Budget Victory 2012 tour stop in Rochester, Robert Duffy hinted that his former city might want to ante up for one of those new casinos Albany may soon legalize (Jill Terreri, Democrat and Chronicle).

The Retail Council would support an increase in the minimum wage - if it's phased in gradually (Ted Phillips, Newsday).

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