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Buffalo congressman pushing for Outer Harbor development

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Niagara Frontier Tansportation Authority
Buffalo's Outer Harbor got a $13.5 million renovation that began in 2002, but development beyond that has stalled.

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A Buffalo congressman is trying to get the city's Outer Harbor property transferred to the state for $1.

Manufacturing's resurgence is being fueled by subsidies and labor concessions.

And: The push continues to ban minors from using tanning beds.


Rep. Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo) is trying to have the city's Outer Harbor transferred to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation (ECHDC), a subsidiary of Empire State Development, for $1. The ECHDC would then invest $11.5 million (Mark Sommer, Buffalo News).


Recent headlines have touted the return of U.S. manufacturing. But the main forces driving the return are money from government and Labor's diminishing power (Louis Uchitelle, New York Times).

While domestic solar manufacturers can't compete with Chinese panel-makers, the installation business in the U.S. is where the money's at (Diane Cardwell, New York Times).

The New York City Council is expected to pass a resolution calling on Albany to increase the minimum wage. Senate Republicans are fighting the minimum wage hike (Sally Goldberg, New York Post).

In what could be either classified as a story from the Great Recession or an example of the American entrepreneurial spirit, New York City officials are grappling with a rash of manhole and metal grate thefts. The stolen items are being sold off as scrap metal (Patrick McGeehan, New York Times).


A bill that passed the state Senate last week would give Excellus BCBS sole rights to Kodak retiree benefits if the bankrupt camera maker drops their coverage. Other insurers are crying foul (Joseph Spector, Gannett).

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking to prevent Democrats from retaking the House of Representatives. One of the races they're targeting is Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle's fight to hold onto her seat in Central New York (Mark Weiner, Post-Standard).

The American Cancer Society (ACS) is citing a dramatic increase in melanoma cases - 72 percent - to call for a statewide prohibition on minors using tanning salons (Tom Precious, Buffalo News).

WSKG/Southern Tier reporter for the Innovation Trail.
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