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Cuomo aides remove Troopergate documents

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Today in your Trail Mix:

New York's huge racino tax reaps windfall.

EPA reconsiders part of its new power plant emissions rule.

And airlines need more of your money, traveler.

The utility company National Grid is warning of a scam aimed at getting access to social security numbers by promising to pay people's utility bills (Larry Rulison, Times-Union).

The Cuomo administration is apparently going into the archives and removing documents about Troopergate after Albany reporters request them (Danny Hakim, New York Times).

During the first half of 2012, New York raked in $620 million thanks to its 68% tax on racinos (Carl Campanile, New York Post).

Utilities are using YouTube and Facebook to encourage people to conserve electricity this summer so blackouts can be avoided (Diane Cardwell, New York Times).

The EPA is considering easing part of its new power plant emissions rule that's being portrayed as a "war on coal" by its opponents (Matthew Daly, Associated Press).

The Syracuse IDA may sue the developer Destiny USA over a $2 million debt (Rick Moriarty, Post-Standard).

Airlines are increasing ticket prices again after four months of stagnation (Associated Press).

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