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$50 million Buffalo River cleanup aims to set benchmark for Great Lakes watershed

Buffalo State College Courier-Express Collection

Happy Monday. Let's set off along the Innovation Trail for another week with a new Trail Mix.

Kodak to report back on the patent auction by the end of the day.

Corning in Elmira stands to benefit big time from a proposed "Innovation tax break".

Despite the drought, the AP reports NY crops to be higher than 2011.

Opportunities in optics to be the subject of a September conference in Rochester.

Cutting healthcare costs is largely a matter of cost-effective IT.

The Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison will check in with the $50 million Buffalo River cleanup later so keep in touch with our social media.


Innovative Solutions in Rochester set to expand reports Matthew Daneman at the Democrat and Chronicle.


With one-third of the country in drought farmers are being forced to drill deeper, and that's not good reports the CSMonitor.

Yet, NY state harvests look set to surpass 2011 levels reports the Associated Press.

And Robin Madel at ecocentric has some advice on how to financially respond to the drought.


Kodak to report back on the patent auction by end of business today reports Matthew Daneman.

Optics industry experts are to present their latest research at Rochester conference reports virtual-strategy.com

Information Week looks at cutting the cost of healthcare through better IT.


Robotic technology is within the buying power of smaller hospitals reports Patti Singer for Gannett, but do they really need them?