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A summary of our coverage of Hurricane Sandy to date.

Sandy spares the Southern Tier


The Binghamton area was largely spared the impact of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. The Innovation Trail’s Matt Richmond reports on what turned out to be a near miss.

On Tuesday morning, the storm’s center was near State College, Pennsylvania, heading northwest. Mike Evans is from the National Weather Service’s Binghamton office. He says it looks like Sandy will mostly pass by the Southern Tier.

“So we’re still feeling some fringe effects today, still seeing some gusty winds around and some showers but it looks like the worst part of the storm is starting to move away, starting to weaken.”

NYSEG is reporting about 10,000 people without power in 14 Southern Tier and Central New York counties. For the entire Northeastern United States, about 6.2 million people awoke Tuesday without power.

Evans, of the National Weather Service, says the Southern Tier may have been the luckiest area in the Northeast.

“So really right here in Central New York and the immediate Binghamton area we were really in an area that was kind of like the garden spot for this storm.”

Evans says the most damaging part of the storm stopped around the New York/Pennsylvania border, and weakened as it made its way inland.

WSKG/Southern Tier reporter for the Innovation Trail.
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