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Xerox confirms 2,500 jobs to go in $100 million restructure

Following an investor conference held in New York city today, Xerok Corp. has announced it will lay off 2,500 positions from its global workforce. The impact of the decision on upstate New York is not immediately clear.

Xerox has said that it would be talking to people affected by the decision in the fourth quarter of this year.

A statement from Bill McKee of Xerox public relations says in part:

Confirming- we announced that we would take a $100 million restructuring charge in the 4th quarter and this would mean the elimination of 2,500 jobs world-wide. The majority of these cuts will be in the services side of the Xerox business. Employment in Rochester is primarily centered on the technology side of the business or the Xerox legacy side. No details have been released on the impact of any reductions in the Rochester area.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that Xerox has 146,000 employees globally, with 6,400 of those centered in the Rochester region where the company was founded. The company's headquarters have been based in Norwalk Connecticut since 2007.

A video of today's investor conference is available at http://event.xfactorcom.com/xerox/20121113/ after 5pm EST today.