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Take a moment to salute the inventor of air conditioning

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The idea for air conditioning was first conceived 112 years ago today.

Did the heat ever leave? I don't know, but your Morning Trail Mix sure didn't:

A look at Cuomo's record on transparency.

The story of the invention of air conditioning.

And upstate's farmers are in need of some rain.

The Erie County IDA awarded $122,000 in tax breaks to a Buffalo charter school which will also receive public education funds (David Robinson, Buffalo News).

The northwest corner of New York is now suffering through a "moderate drought," the rest is listed as "abnormally dry" and it's hurting upstate's farmers (Meaghan McDermott, Democrat and Chronicle).

New York Public Radio's Karen DeWitt takes a closer look at whether New York is actually "open for business."

The University at Buffalo gets Sen. Chuck Schumer's support for a $120 million research grant (Robert McCarthy, Buffalo News).

Manufacturing executive Ron Ricotta questions the common, disparaging view of jobs in manufacturing.

Syracuse-based Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is coming to Buffalo.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration has not received high-marks for transparency from the Albany press corps. His use of Blackberry messaging instead of the office e-mail system and stinginess with information (the daily weather forecast was deleted from the governor's schedule when it was released to the Times) has been a source of jokes and frustration for a while now (Thomas Kaplan, New York Times).

As another heat wave gets going, the Times has the story of the first blueprints for an air conditioning system. Released 112 years ago today, the original plan was developed in Brooklyn as a way to keep a printing press rolling by controlling humidity.

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