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Two skyscrapers to rise in Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Hello hikers! Hope your gait is strong and swift today. 

These are the Dog Days, so news is light. But press on, we do.

Niagara Falls will be the home of (nearly) twin towers. 

Kodak has its collective fingers crossed. 

And: Body piercing now requires parental consent.


Developers are planning two skyscrapers for downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario – one 60 stories, the other 61. The buildings will far surpass the height of western New York’s other tallest building, the 40-story HSBC Tower in Buffalo. Sorry fans of Bird Kingdom - the new resort towers will use the site as a footprint. (Matt Glynn, Buffalo News)

Buffalo-based Cleveland Biolabs has secured a $4 million contract with the Russian government. (Jonathan Epstein, Buffalo News)

Bidders for Kodak’s patents submitted bids. (Matthew Daneman, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Wegman's has recalled onions. (Tom Tobin, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)


The situation has changed if you're under 18, live in New York and desire to have your body pierced. (Rick Karlin, Times-Union)

There's a push to speed up rail service across upstate New York, but you won't see support coming from two central New York congressional representatives. (Mark Weiner, The Post-Standard)

WBFO/Western New York reporter for the Innovation Trail.