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Hickey Freeman may be sold again

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There's the possibility that iconic clothing brand Hickey Freeman could change hands again. Former CEO of the company, Doug Williams, currently runs operations in upstate New York and licenses the Hickey Freeman brand from Authentic Brands, who bought the clothing company late last year.

Williams has confirmed that he is in talks with a Canadian company, Samuelsohn, which is interested in taking over his role in operations of the Rochester clothing factory.He says this deal would be a positive move for the local Hickey Freeman plant, and could add jobs to the area as well as financial stability to the company.

Hickey Freeman now employs nearly 400 workers in Rochester, but the plant is not currently running at full capacity. If the deal goes through, there's no word yet exactly how many more jobs could be added locally.

Sen. Chuck Schumer says union officials are also in favor of the potential purchase by the Canadian company.

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