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Cuomo outlines plans for Peace Bridge redevelopment on U.S. side



New York state and the Canadian government have reached an agreement on millions of dollars worth of improvements at the Peace Bridge. In a news conference Wednesday morning, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gary Doer, the Canadian Ambassador to the United States, announced a deal that ends a bitter dispute over operation of the bridge. 

Cuomo says the plan maintains the Peace Bridge Authority and spells out specific projects for the U.S. side of the bridge.

"A better Buffalo plaza works for all. This is a win, win situation. It's a win for New York, it's a win for Canada," Cuomo said.

The agreement calls for three projects to be prioritized; a study of the possible widening of the U.S. plaza, a pre-inspection project for U.S.-bound cargo trucks on the Canadian side of the bridge and several other improvements projects. Doer says the agreement is good for everyone.

"It is a partnership. We prefer partnership over litigation. We prefer action over congestion and I believe that's the feelings of people in Western New York and in Southern Ontario," Doer says. 

Cuomo says legislation passed by the legislature to dissolve the Peace Bridge Authority will become null and void.    

New York officials have been blasting the Peace Bridge Authority over their failure to build a new, expanded toll plaza on the Buffalo side of the span.

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