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Manufacturer moving operation from China to upstate by 2018

Trellis Earth Products

A company which makes environmentally friendly food service products, such as plastic silverware, will be moving its manufacturing operations from China to the Rochester area.

Trellis Earth Products expects to create 189 jobs at the Rochester Technology Park in Gates by 2018. The company will invest just over $8 million in the 80,000 square foot facility. New York State is providing nearly $2 million in tax credits and a grant, and Monroe County will be providing about $850,000 in low interest financing and other incentives.

Trellis makes products that contain bio-degradable material, as well as plastic. Its CEO Mike Senzaki says that helps the utensils partially degrade so that they take up less room in landfills.

Trellis expects to break ground on the operation by the end of the summer, and will eventually manufacture more than 50 million forks, knives and spoons every month at that facility.

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