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Kodak to officially emerge from bankruptcy after 19-month limbo


After just over a year and a half in Chapter 11, Kodak  is expected to exit bankruptcy some time on Tuesday.  It is a key moment in the company's hopes for the future, but analysts say it doesn't guarantee Kodak will be able to sustain itself.  The company has sold off its various consumer related businesses and is now going to focus on commercial printing and packaging.

At Brighton Securities, George Conboy says Kodak has some very good products in that area, but they are facing a number of other companies who are making similar products.

"Best guess is if they can gain market share in a very competitive market, Kodak's products and technology for the market they seek to be in now, are competitive, but it will be a fight for them."

Conboy also says because Kodak is focusing on improving cash flow, it is still possible there could be further layoffs.