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Old Beech-Nut factory may have a buyer

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The sign on the former Beech-Nut factory was taken down earlier this year. Now a buyer of the factory has emerged.

The former Beech-Nut facility in Canajoharie may have a buyer, but those in the know are being tight-lipped about its future.

The huge white factory is a landmark for those who travel along the Thruway between Syracuse and Albany, even though the company removed the big red Beech-Nut letters earlier this year.

The baby food maker moved out in 2009, but didn’t go far. It took its 300 jobs 20 miles east to the town of Florida. New York state paid about $104 million to help with the move, according to the Associated Press.

Dozens of possible buyers have emerged since then, according to Montgomery County Business Development Center CEO Kenneth Rose, but none of them have panned out. This is the most solid interest, he said.

Tax incentives are being discussed, said Ross, who wouldn't offer any information about the buyer.

Village mayor Francis Avery says "initial indications are positive."

"It would generate some jobs and you have activity and use of the buildings which is what we want," Avery said.

He would only say the possible buyer is from out of state.

The 870,000 square foot facility was built in 1899. Beech-Nut once employed 2,000 workers there around the time of World War II.

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