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Kodak puts Eastman Business Park on the market

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Eastman Business Park

The Eastman Business Park is officially up for sale, Kodak announced Tuesday.

Company spokesman Chris Veronda says it’s the right time to hand development of the upstate industrial and technology park over to a new entity.

'Kodak believes the site can best continue its transformation under the ownership of a firm that’s focused on its redevelopment. And, at the same time, the sale of EBP will allow Kodak to focus on its customers in the commercial imaging business.'

After several years of selling parcels of land at the site, EBP director Mike Alt says it’s time for Kodak to hand over the reins entirely.

But, he says, the company will continue to have a presence at the park and support its development.

'This is a large economic driver for the region, it’s been a number one priority for the region so it makes sense now for this to be turned over into the hands of an industrial developer and Kodak move from a land lord to a tenant on the site. And we will still be a large tenant on this site going forward.'

Kodak has overcome several hurdles in recent months, paving the way for the park’s sale, including striking a deal with the EPA and DEC developing an environmental trust to address legacy issues at the site.

Spokesman Chris Veronda says Kodak is confident the site will sell.

Eastman Kodak reached a settlement with the U.S. Attorney's Office resolving environmental claims and responsibilities for industrial pollution at  the Business Park and the Genesee River on March 12th.

In the settlement U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said the deal '...will lead to the clean-up of more than a century of pollution by Kodak at the Eastman Business Park and Rochester’s Genesee River, while clearing the way for economic development at the Eastman Business Park.'

EBP Settlment Agreement Lodged 3-12-14(1)

Kate O’Connell comes to WXXI from Melbourne, Australia, and studied journalism at Royal Melboure Institute of Technology.
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