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Confuse a letter carrier by sending mail to wind turbines

Ryan Morden
Want a penpal? Try this turbine.

Today we went out to the Fenner Wind Farmwhere one of the turbines came crashing to the ground back in late December.

Forensic engineers still haven't determined exactly why T-18 collapsed, but have some ideas. One by one, investigators are inspecting the rest to make sure they're sound. After 8 months, three are running again. Enel North America, the farm's owners hope to have the rest going within a month.

We'll have a more in-depth report about this incident in the coming weeks with our wind series.

Until then, an amusing take away from today's visit: each turbine has its own mailing address. That means if you love wind power, you could send fan mail to T-08 or T-14.

The main reason each is assigned a mailing address is so fire trucks and other emergency responders can navigate their way to a specific turbine in case of an accident.