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Where's the innovation?

Some of us have been doing more reading on the Marcellus Shale than should be humanly possible to prepare for our upcoming series. And we invite you (you!) to weigh in with your innovation angle on the drilling controversy.

Some trail mix to get you going:

From the New York Times, science is trying to catch up with hi-tech hydrofracking to deliver a definitive answer on the process's environmental impact.

Thisindustry-funded Penn State study estimates the direct and indirect jobs created in Pennsylvania, where drilling is under way. Then this Workforce Needs Assessment from the Marcellus Shale Education & Training Center (also Penn affiliated) has much lower numbers. An Industry Snapshot from the PA Department of Labor has completely different numbers. Then thisreport from Broome County has even more different numbers for New York State.

The Ithaca Journal says growing numbers of travelers with Texas accents are making for a busy year at the Binghamton aiport.

Researchers with EPA's Office of Innovation (and Environmental Assessment)lay out the environmental challenges and potential opportunities that will demand creative policy-making.

What's your take on jobs? Investment? Renewable energy? Where's the innovation in the Marcellus Shale?