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WindTamer drifting to Pennsylvania?

This is an anemometer. It's used to test the prevailing winds.
Fergal OP
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This is an anemometer. It's used to test the prevailing winds.

WindTamer -- the wind power startup looking to bring its small scale turbines to residences and businesses -- blew into Rochester in June. But now, it seems, they may be riding the prevailing winds out of town to the Scranton area. So why, you ask, is the company sailing away so soon?

No more wind puns, we promise.

Last week, WindTamer announced that they were looking at potential manufacturing sites in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The company says the facility could create 400 jobs in the area. WindTamer CEO Bill Schmitz says the hope is to have the facility up and running by Jan. 1.

The company is in "early talks" with state officials in Pennsylvania, according to WindTamer spokeswoman Cherrie Mahon. She says the company is "pretty confident" they'll get assistance from the rival Keystone State. 

That has not been the case with New York, according to Mahon. She says neither New York State, Monroe County nor Rochester have stepped up to the plate. New York seems unwilling or unable to offer the company incentives to stay, Mahon says. Pennsylvania on the other hand is courting the company.

Welcome to the incentives dating game.

Mahon says WindTamer plans to keep its Rochester facility. But if a deal is finalized, almost all manufacturing activity -- and the jobs it will create -- would shift to the Pennsylvania plant.

WXXI/Finger Lakes reporter for the Innovation Trail.