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Innovation Trail's best of the week, 9/21-9/25

Way to go champs! Here's the Innovation Trail's blue ribbon work for this week!
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Way to go champs! Here's the Innovation Trail's blue ribbon work for this week!

Wind power

Emma Jacobs of WSKGand Ryan Morden of WRVO took a look at how wind power can polarize public opinion - and pit people who might ordinarily have the same politics, against each other.  

WXXI's Zack Seward brought us word of the world's biggest offshore wind project, just unveiled off the coast of England.

And WMHT's Dan Bazile took a look at the firm that tells everyone - from individual homeowners to the federal government - where to put wind turbines.

Western New York economic development

Daniel Robison of WNED was plenty busy this week with a number of breaking economic development stories in the Buffalo region. Early in the week Yahoo unveiled a new data center. Turns out the fact that we have cold winters is actually great for server farms. 

Our frigid weather wasn't the impetus for Dell's $15 million investment at the University at Buffalo. Rather they're hoping to develop medical software to track patient care.

Daniel also covered a big grant awarded to the Erie County Industrial Development Agency.  It'll use the $445,000 in federal funds awarded this week to develop a "road map" to recruit investment in the region.

Merger for state research centers

Zack Seward reported on the announcement Monday that the state is bringing together two of its "centers of excellence" so they can be more excellent.  The Infotonics Center in Canandaigua is getting folded in with Albany's Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology center.  Albany will run the merged entity, which is getting $10 million from the state to power up its new efforts to combine tiny mechanical devices with computer chips.

Parking reinvented

WRVO's Ryan Morden talked to the folks behind PARK(ing) Day in Syracuse last week.  During the event, people turned ordinary parking spaces into a life-sized checker board, a gratis bike repair shop, and even a Shakespearian theater.  Check out the audio slideshow below.