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Best of the week, 9/27-10/1

Thumbs up to the Innovation Trail's cast and crew for great work this week.
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Thumbs up to the Innovation Trail's cast and crew for great work this week.

First of all, thumbs up to you, dear reader, for making it to Friday.  No small feat!  Next let's delve into some of the best of what the Innovation Trail had to offer this week.

WSKG's Emma Jacobs takes us to Dimock, Pa., the epicenter of debate about water contamination and hydrofracking in the Marcellus shale.

WNED's Daniel Robison brought us a modern day Bible story about how the comptroller is investing state worker retirement funds.   He also took a look at how clustering certain types of businesses in one region can lead to economic growth.

WMHT'sDan Bazile brings us the details on a hefty chunk of change that New York is getting from the federal government, to help residents access broadband Internet.  

WRVO's Ryan Morden outlines five ways cities can manage their vacant properties - and prevent their owners from leaving in the first place.

And WXXI's Zack Seward straps on his flippers for a story about GM developing fuel cells for the machines that will ultimately replace the Navy's dolphin underwater mine detection teams.  Splashy!

On the radar

If you listen to the Innovation Trail on its collaborating stations you may have started to hear about our upcoming talk show, "Innovation Conversation: Reinventing the Windmind."  We're deep into planning a call-in show about wind power.  We'll talk about the practicality of wind as a solution for New York's energy future, and about why people take it so personally.  That's coming up Tuesday, October 12 at 1 p.m.   We hope you'll join us!

Want to weigh in on the wind show, or anything else at the Innovation Trail?  Do it at our Facebook page.

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