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Blogging like the wind

As is our wont, we haven't just been reporting for radio and television during our Reinventing the Windmill series.  Oh no, sir/madam - the Innovation Trail is a one stop shop.  Check out some of the blogging our reporters have done about wind power.  

Zack Seward was a champion, filing a number of reports about various wind projects.  He even built a map to show us where all of New York's wind farms are.  He analyzed the New York Independent System Operator's new report about the state's capacity for wind power, took a look at the incentives game for wind turbine manufacturers, and reported on the world's largest off-shore wind farm.

Emma Jacobs brought us this look at measuring wind in your neck of the woods.

And Ryan Morden took us to the one of the ground zeros of one wind turbine debate: Litchfield, N.Y.

Just because our series is wrapping up with our Innovation Conversation talk show on October 12 at 1 p.m. doesn't mean we'll stop covering this important issue.  Check back with our wind power page frequently to keep up with the latest.

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