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Touring solar and watching it grow

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Buffalo is hosting its tour of solar homes this weekend.

Solar stories
There are two takes on solar power this morning. The Buffalo News has the details on an annual self-guided tour of solar homes. The event shows off green building techniques, and one stop, the Buffalo City Mission, was covered by the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison.

The Democrat and Chronicle takes a look at why interest in solar power is growing in western New York:

The popularity of harvesting solar energy hasn't been contained to just the Ontario, Wayne County, company, but is a trend experienced throughout the state, where public demand and government incentives are growing while production costs continue to decrease. In fact, the solar capacity of state-funded projects has increased by more than 20 times since '05, enough to power about 4,300 homes.

School and town taxes growing
Gannett's Joe Spector has the story of rising property taxes - as income levels fall. Home taxes rose by more than 6 percent last year, according to a new report from the state comptroller.

PA faces off against driller
The Press & Sun-Bulletin reports that Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection could sue natural gas driller Cabot, if it doesn't pick up the tab for a water system. Residents of the town of Dimick say that municipal water is necessary to replace their well water, which is contaminated with methane - a result of poorly drilled wells. Cabot denies responsibility, and says it won't pay for the water system, but has been delivering water to residents. The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs has more on this story.

Goodnight moon
NASA is taking a pass on the moon. According to the New York Times the space agency has been directed to focus on rockets that will enable travel to destinations like Mars. Private companies will be charged with delivering astronauts to places in our neighborhood.

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