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All of our "Reinventing the Windmill" reports

The wind is blowing you great stories about wind power - and a talk show Tuesday, October 12.
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The wind is blowing you great stories about wind power - and a talk show Tuesday, October 12.

We're starting to wrap up our "Reinventing the Windmill" series.  But in case you missed any of our great reporting around the issue of wind power in New York (and to make sure you're all caught up for our talk show on Tuesday), here's where you can catch the web versions of our stories.

WMHT's Dan Bazile kicked off the series with a piece for Need to Know Rochester about the very first wind farm in New York state.  You can watch it here, on our YouTube channel (while you're there, subscribe!).

WRVO's Ryan Morden asked why turbines fall down.  Coming up on a year after the collapse of a turbine at Fenner Wind Farm, officials still don't know why T-18 came tumbling down in the middle of the night - and it doesn't seem to be anyone's responsibility to make sure a similar collapse doesn't happen elsewhere.  Listen to the story here.

WSKG's Emma Jacobs found as she was reporting her story about consumer grade wind turbines (text and audio) that manufacturers are terrified that turbines could collapse - bringing down consumer trust with them.  Their fear is that one bad apple could ruin the industry for years, and it's got them calling for more regulation.  

WNED's Daniel Robison brought us the story of an eccentric champion for wind farms on brownfields - the mayor of Lackawanna.  The project has been stalled by difficulties in getting all of the partners to work together and financing woes.  You can hear the story here.

WXXI's Zack Seward told the story of opposition to off-shore wind projects.  There's no specific project to object to and that's what residents are concerned about: New York's process for siting off-shore wind has been secretive, and neighbors want to know if turbines could be coming to their backyard (or in this case, Lake Ontario).  Hear the story here.

Emma Jacobs and Ryan Morden took a look at why people sometimes believe strongly in alternative energy - but despise the idea of wind turbines.  Listen to the story here.

And Daniel Robison has a piece that brings you voices from across this reporting project, in praise of and in opposition to, the humble wind turbine.  You can hear the story here.

Can't get enough?  Join us for Innovation Conversation: Reinventing the Windmill, Tuesday October 12 at 1 p.m. on our collaborating stations.

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