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Rep. Reed endorses natural gas investment by NYS

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Corning Republican Tom Reed says natural gas investment is "an investment in all of us."

New York Republican Congressman Tom Reed had an editorial in the Ithaca Journal yesterday arguing that the state's investment in natural gas development through the pension fund is an rightful endorsement of the value of natural gas, saying it's "an investment in all of us:"

Beyond the economic benefits of extracting natural gas are the national security considerations. One of the biggest threats to our nation is our continued dependence on fossil fuels from other countries. In order to stop being victim to instability across the world, we must develop our own energy solutions that will reduce our dependence on foreign energy. Hydraulic fracturing in New York can be done in a safe and responsible way. It is time that our leaders move forward with natural gas development and do so in a transparent manner. The honest public dialogue on natural gas exploration must continue, with a focus on the areas of well siting and completion, chemical use, wastewater treatment and air quality. We must stress the need for adequate safety standards and the importance of accountability. New York's Department of Environmental Conservation has a long, effective record of monitoring the energy industry. It will ensure that exploration and extraction is done safely with appropriate oversight.

The Energy Department's advisory board on fracking wrapped up its conversations with activists on both sides of the issue yesterday.  Andrea Vasquez reports for Hearst Newspapers that one speaker from Texas, where fracking is already common, told the panel that the public outcry over the gas extraction technique is "fear of the unknown."

There are series of events in the Binghamton area this weekend meant to bolster anti-fracking support, reports George Basler at the Press & Sun-Bulletin, including a concert, a symposium, and workshops about getting out of gas leases.


Governor Cuomo signed a net-metering bill into law yesterday reports Jon Campbell at Gannett.  The bill will help residents that have their own renewable energy systems to cut their operating costs.

Eric Anderson reports at the Times Union that National Grid is handing over a check for $225,000 to Albany's NanoCollege to help fund solar cell research.

In other money news, the Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports that the New York Energy Research Development Authority announced $191 million in grants for renewable energy projects.

The New York Solar Coalition got top billing on 42nd Street in Manhattan, with an electronic billboard promoting the NY Solar Jobs Act.  Liz Benjamin at State of Politics reports that the reason that the campaign is #duhwinning is weirdly due in part to Charlie Sheen’s antics.

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