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Weekend boasts competing natural gas events

A business expo about the Marcellus Shale kicks off at the end of the week, reports the Elmira Star-Gazette, including talks like "The Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Resource - A Real Game Changer for Pennsylvania." 

Its competition: the "EPIC No Frack Event," featuring dozens of speakers, several films, and concerts geared to building grassroots opposition to hydraulic fracturing.

New York Post columnist Lawrence Mone is lending his voice to the pro-fracking fray, arguing that upstate should jump at the jobs potentially created by drilling:

What New York can't afford to do is sit on the sidelines for another two or five or 10 years while other states exploit the enormous economic potential of natural-gas extraction. This is especially true in Upstate, where "economic development" strategies in recent years have seemed to begin and end with keeping open half-empty prisons and handing out dubious grants and loans for pork-barrel-spending projects.


  • Jeff Donn at AP takes a look at leaky valves at nuclear plants, which help release pressure during an emergency.  Industry and government are considering increasing the amount of radiation that can sneak out.
  • Work has begun on SUNY Oswego's geothermal wells, which will help heat and cool a new building, according to the university's press office.

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