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Strike possible at Syracuse's Nine Mile Point nuclear plant

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Operations will go on at Syracuse's nuclear plant, even if workers strike, according to management.

Union workers at Syracuse's Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant may walk out Friday morning, if a dispute over pension and contract issues can't be resolved.  But the plant's management says it won't shut down if the workers strike, reports Tim Knauss at the Post-Standard.

Rust Wire has an interview with the director of the Ontario Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Resources about how climate change might affect the Great Lakes.  Spoiler alert - things could get pretty raucous:

RW: “When you say ‘extreme events’ do you mean something like a large thunderstorm or snowstorm, kind of like a ‘100-year-rain’?” AD: “That’s right, yes. That’s a good way to communicate it, people can understand those terms…But you have to be a little careful with the words, because it is not just a one-in-100 year storm, it is the odds that a one-in-100 year event will occur each year; that’s the way to look at it. The intensity of those events seems to be at a higher level that we are used to and in some cases, they seem to be popping up more often in different locations.”

Students at a high school in East Syracuse are trying to turn compost into power, by measuring the energy output of their eight-foot-tall compost heaps (via Kenneth Sturtz, Post-Standard).


Rock band Phish is throwing its weight behind the anti-fracking cause.  G. Jeffrey Aaron reports at the Press & Sun-Bulletin that the band will host the Coalition to Protect New York at its concerts in Watkins Glen, allowing them to distribute anti-fracking materials.
Remember the tiny anti-frackers that All Over Albany was trying to suss out last week?  They've got the whole story now:

After tracking the spread of the little anti-fracking protests from Schenectady to Albany to Troy, we now know who's behind the tiny campaign. Her name's Nancy. She's from Schenectady. She outed herself in a comment last week -- and we followed up with a few questions...

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