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Economic chief Ken Adams says ESD would support drilling

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Business Council of New York State
Empire State Development chair Ken Adams (right) says New York will support fracking - if it's allowed to begin.

Empire State Development chair Ken Adams appeared on the Capitol Pressroom yesterday.  During the conversation he said his agency would be supportive of hydrofracking - but used a very conditional tone about it.  That's interesting, given that the state Department of Environmental Conservation has already signaled that it might not hit a deadline tomorrow to provide a report on fracking:

“If there is a decision to pursue this, we will, as the leading economic development agency for the state, will do everything we can do to ensure that the greatest economic development is derived from the gas drilling process and all the economic impacts that it leads to,” said Adams.

(via Mike Whittemore at State of Politics)

New York's attorney general continues his campaign to reveal details about the hydrofracking process, this time subpoenaing information about disclosure to investors, reports Gannett's Jon Campbell:

The subpoenas aren’t Schneiderman’s first legal foray into the hydrofracking debate. The attorney general sued federal agencies that are part of the Delaware River Basin Commissions, alleging they didn’t follow federal law by allowing the commission to draft hydrofracking rules before studying the environmental impact.

Nine Mile shutdown

Workers at Syracuse's Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant have voted to strike when their contract expires tonight, reports the Post-Standard.

WRVO's Dave Bullard reports that even if the workers strike, the show will go on:

A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said the agency has reviewed Constellation's plan and will send extra inspectors to the plant if there's a strike to make sure the replacement workers are operating the plant safely.

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