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Poll finds many, but not most, New Yorkers support fracking

Marie Cusick

Today in your Trail Mix:

Many, but not most, New Yorkers support hydrofracking.

The Power Authority gets caught putting on the ritz.

Health care jobs are booming in New York - while everything else busts.

Plus: Alec Baldwin takes on John Krasinski in a Buffalo-fueled prank war.


A plurality of New Yorkers support hydrofracking according to a new Quinnipiac University poll (Colby Hamilton, The Empire).

The Department of Energy is calling on frackers to disclose the chemicals that they use to extract natural gas (Susan Phillips, State Impact PA).

Disclosure would "eliminate" fear as an issue surrounding fracking (Jeff Brady, NPR).

A New York judge won't hear oral arguments in a case about whether or not gas companies can claim "forcemajeure" and extend drilling leases without the permission of landowners (G. Jeffrey Aaron, Gannett).

The comptroller says his plan to force drillers to contribute to a remediation fund for spills could actually save them cash in the long run (Nick Reisman, State of Politics).

Meanwhile New York pols are peeved that there aren't any Empire State interests on the Department of Energy drilling advisory panel (Nick Reisman, State of Politics).


The review process that the governor is undertaking to study legalizing casino gambling in New York is open ended (Jon Campbell, Vote Up!).

New York's Power Authority spent more than $300,000 on "parties, picnics and perks" according to a new audit from the state's comptroller (Michelle Breidenbach, Post-Standard).

Video: Assemblyman Jim Brennan wants the owner of Indian Point nuclear power plant to disclose exactly how much energy they supply the state, as they make their case to keep the plant operating (Maureen McManus, State of Politics/Capital Tonight).

Higher education

UAlbany has a new report out that shows that health is the only field that's growing jobs right now in New York State (Cathlee Crowley, Times Union).

San Jose's Nanolab Technologies is opening up at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering - rather than expanding in the Golden State (Larry Rulison, Times Union).

Graduates of Syracuse's school district aren't necessarily ready to take classes at community college (Paul Riede, Post-Standard).


The third time is not very charming - a gas pipeline under construction in Pennsylvania has had three spills in three weeks (Steve Reilly, Gannett).

There's a fight brewing in Tonawanda over whether to use an old train bed for hiking and biking - or for trains (Robert J. McCarthy, Buffalo News).

The Hudson River's sewage contamination levels near Albany are not good (All Over Albany).


Buffalo's New Era Cap Company is stepping into some very dangerous territory: Yankees versus Red Sox.  The company commissioned a series of videos featuring (famous central New Yorker) Alec Baldwin and The Office's John Krasinski in an escalating prank war sparked by the rivalry.  Go for it - it's almost the weekend.

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