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Study finds 'substantial potential risk' from hydrofracking, urges research on 'wastewater removal'

Emma Jacobs/WSKG

It's Thursday in another busy week on the Innovation Trail.

A study by researchers from Stony Brook University NY finds 'substantial water pollution risks' from hydraulic fracturing.

Some disappointing news about lightbulbs.

Drought-stricken farmers are asking the EPA for a waiver on ethanol production.

Initial bids on the Kodak patents reported to be less than spectacular.

Binghamton University is to get a $70 million Smart Energy Center.

A new grape pressing facility is aiming to draw 80% of its energy needs from solar.


Localities have borrowed $200 million from state pension funds to pay their annual pension plans, and the state has borrowed$500 million. More from the Times Union

Governor Cuomo admits that development projects have been a mixed bag, reports the Innovation Trail's Ryan Delaney for WRVO.

The New York Secretary of State dropped into Tonawanda to talk up brownfield remediation reports the Tonawanda News.

The $70 million investment in the Binghamton University Smart Energy Center is predicted to create 840 university and private sector jobs by 2017 according to this report from PressConnect by Jennifer Micale.


The Lakewood Vineyard on Seneca Lake is hoping to draw 80% of the power for its new grape pressing facility from solar panels reports the Democrat and Chronicle.

Regulators should "explore the option of mandating alternative fracturing methods to reduce the wastewater usage" according to researchers from Stony Brook University

The Public Service Commission has been urged to raise the amount of energy NY state utility companies must purchase from renewable energy sources sent back to the grid, Times Union

Oh great, now we have to worry about health concerns associated with those really expensive light bulbs reports NPR's Ted Burnham.

The severe drought has farmers talking to the EPA about the shortage and price of feed for livestock. AP


Rochester educators are considering better strategies for connecting with Native American communities writes James Goodman for the Democrat and Chronicle.


Whatever the bids, Kodak has to make up its mind by August 13th, Matthew Daneman tells WXXI News.