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Consumers are enjoying that new car smell again

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Welcome to the Wednesday morning Trail Mix.

Think you've got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Try this quick quiz.

Don't mention the environment at the Democratic convention.

Robots are useful for managing your solar panels.

Folks used August to buy a whole lot of Detroit's finest.


Rochester Institute of Technology scores well for providing skilled graduates for Defense and Aerospace industries. (R.I.T.)


People are buying new cars again reports the Democrat and Chronicle and the WSJ.

Guest Gannett essayist Luis A. Martinez asks whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

OptiCool is a finalist in the upcoming Digital Rochester GREAT awards next week, and are profiled here by Jinelle Shengullete at the Democrat and Chronicle


Nobody is talking about the environment at the Democratic convention because its "electoral suicide" reports GRIST.com.


Chenango county sees the start of a new NYSEG transmission project reports Pressconnects.

Better energy storage is taking too long, so a lot of folks are putting their efforts into more efficient solar reports Nextbigfuture.

And renewableenergyworld.com says that recent investments in the solar sector are likely to drive some real breakthroughs.

SURF'S UP! at this massive West Coast wave power project reports the New York Times.


These little handy helpers are designed to make your solar panels more efficient reports technology review.