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Clean energy investments continue to slow

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Welcome to the Monday Trail Mix from the Innovation Trail team.

A snap Siena Collage poll of 621 New York state residents found that 47% of them say they are worse off than they were four years ago.

Folks supportive of bringing fracking to New York state will assemble in Albany today, and Karen DeWitt will no doubt be filing.

Baumgartner broke the sound barrier in his freefall space jump



Grist.com has pulled together some of the fact checking done on Congressman Ryan's on the "$90 billion dollar green energy pork" comment from the VP's debate Thursday night.

Global investment in clean energy for Q3 of 2012 is down 20% compared to the same quarter last year, analysis  by Bloomberg New Energy Finance has found. Lower figures from the US and India, and stalled finance for the wind industry was a contributing factor, the report says. It continues:

The challenges facing clean energy in the third quarter continued to include policy uncertainty in key markets such as the US, the UK and Italy, and the dampening effect of low sector share prices on public market and venture capital investment. In addition, the recent sharp falls in the costs of wind and solar photovoltaic technologies have meant that the same megawatt capacity can now be purchased for significantly fewer dollars.

Interestingly, as we mentioned in a post on Friday the U.S. Commerce Department adjusted the tariffs on the importation of Chinese manufactured PV panels, but because solar panel production has a broad global footprint not all the American manufacturers were happy about it.


The Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports on moves to actually do some city planning in Albany for WMHT's New York Now. We'll post her full report, but here's a teaser.